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Mindfulness in Law

Since 2004 the Institute for Mindfulness Studies has been working with different groups to develop accessible and memorable mindfulness programs.  This work has perhaps had the greatest impact within the legal profession.  And indeed, it is within the legal profession that the benefits of a contemplative practice may be most profoundly realized.  Few areas of professional practice have as far reaching an impact as the law on so much of society--locally, nationally, and globally.

The Institute for Mindfulness Studies’ (IMS) Mindfulness in Law Program was created to offer lawyers, from across the country and internationally, the opportunity to learn about and practice mindfulness, both in the context of sustaining a meaningful and enjoyable career in the law and a joyful and rich life.

The explicit recognition of mindfulness within the legal community an an important vehicle for stress reduction, performance, and wellbeing, has led to a growing number of legal institutions, from solo practitioners, to law firms and public interest and governmental organizations, embracing the art and science of mindfulness practices.

As a leader in the development of programs, tools, and practices designed specifically for members of the legal profession, the Institute for Mindfulness Studies is committed to continuing to participate in the profoundly important work being done in the area of mindfulness in law.